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Why Choose Elpis?



“I love my Elpis because it is so convenient to be notified on WhatsApp messages and caller ID to know who is calling me.  It’s routine for me every day to take my heart rate and blood pressure reading to know everything’s okay with me.  It’ also important to know how many steps I’ve taken each day to reach my goal of 8,000 steps to improve my health”.  

T. He

“Having a device that tells me I have a phone call, messages on WeChat and WhatsApp is so great! I can’t get along without my Elpis now because I depend on it just like my mobile phone.”  

J. Young

“Ever since I got my Elpis it’s been a part of me every day.  I use it to check my heart rate, blood pressure, number of steps taken and calories burned.  I had another monitoring device before but it couldn’t tell the time so I thought it was so inconvenient because usually having something worn on the wrist is a time keeper”. 

A. Wong

“I like to surprise my friends using the remote camera feature.  I think it’s so cool to have my friends give me the puzzled look when I take photos without pressing the button.  I never get tired of them saying how do you do that?  You only shake your hand to take the picture?  It’s priceless!”  

R. Chang

“I’m not one of those people that always carry my phone in my hand.  I keep it in my bag so I’ve missed a lot of calls and messages because I can’t hear it sometimes.  Having the Elpis tell me that I have a message on WhatsApp or a phone call with caller ID is so great and convenient.  I never miss a call now”.

Y. Gao

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